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Why Coaching for Musicians?

Musicians need coaching as much as other professionals do.
There are many reasons for which I believe that musicians need to work with a coach.

First of all, they should give their best performance not in a practice room, not in front of their teacher or family, but in a specific moment: In a concert, exam, competition, orchestral audition, in front of an audience or a jury. This puts a lot of pressure on their shoulders.  Many musicians give in such a moment just 70% or less from their potential. And here is the role of the coach- to help them overcome the stage fright and to give their 100% when it matters most.

Lidia Marina Sperling in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Why Coaching for Musicians?

Just like you, I am a musician. I have dedicated almost 25 years of my life to this field, which I have come to know in depth and identify myself with.

Along my way, I have experienced beautiful moments as well as unpleasant ones when I needed an experienced and kind person who could understand my difficulties and offer apropriate support. This is why, during the last 15 years, I've asked myself how I could become that person myself, someone who could offer support and encouragement to any professional musician or artist who wishes to perform at their highest level, to easily overcome creative blocks, and to find the right path in their career. This question, ever present in my mind, set me in search of the best way to offer what I feel I have to give back to our field.

In 2017 I founded Coaching for Musicians, which was born out of the combination of two areas of expertise: as a professional flutist and Certified Creativity Coach.

If you want to improve your performance results, regain the motivation, confidence and joy in your career and life, choose from my offers "Master your Performance", "Find the Right Career Path" or "Wellbeing and Work-Life-Balance" in the section below. You can also contact me for a personalized plan.Together we can design the program that suits your needs best.

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Lidia Marina Sperling

Performance, Career and Life Coach for Musicians

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How I can help you

1. Master Your Performance

Do you suffer from stage fright and lack of confidence? Is it difficult for you to deal with your fears and negative thoughts before and during your performance on stage?


I can help you:

  • Overcome stage fright.

  • Stop fear or negative thoughts from taking away your energy.

  • Stop spending unnecessary hours in the practice room by learning efficient practice, that saves you time.

  • Play at your highest level on stage.

"Master Your Performance" includes 4 coaching sessions. We’ll meet once a week for one month, for 50 minutes each session on Skype, by phone, or/in-person and we’ll focus on every aspect of your performance. You’ll learn how to prepare efficiently for a concert, orchestral audition, or competition and how use your feelings and thoughts to combat your fears before and during the performance. You’ll also learn some practical exercises and relaxation techniques to better control your nerves and physical symptoms caused by performance anxiety.

This program, alternatively, could be done over an intensive half-day.

Regular price: 500 EUR

Price for students: 400 EUR

To get this package please click here and send me a message to request one introductory session of about 15 minutes for free.

2. Find the Right Career Path


Do you feel disorientated, and without a vision for your career? Do you want to explore more options in your career and learn how to promote yourself?

I can help you:

  • Discover and combine your skills.

  • Find and explore more opportunities in your career.

  • Make the right decisions regarding your career path.

"Find the Right Career Path" includes 4 coaching sessions. We’ll meet for 50 minutes every week or every two weeks on Skype, by phone, or/in-person. You’ll learn how to approach crucial moments in your career and which direction to pursue based on, your strengths, values and goals. We’ll set a strategy for you, so you’ll find new opportunities as a musician and make the right choices in your career.

Regular price: 500 EUR

Price for students: 400 EUR

To get this package please click here and send me a message to request one introductory session of about 15 minutes for free.

3. Wellbeing and Work-Life-Balance

Do you need more clarity about what you want to achieve in your career and life and what steps to take next to reach your goals?


I can help you:

  • Discover what really motivates you.

  • Overcome creative blocks: such as burnout, procrastination, or difficulties at your work place.

  • Find more joy and balance in your career and life.

"Wellbeing and Work-Life-Balance" includes 8 coaching sessions.

We will meet for 50 minutes every week or every two weeks on Skype, by phone, or/in-person. Together we’ll focus on finding what’s meaningful in your career and life and we’ll develop a strategy to help you unlock your potential, so you’ll be able to live an authentic life according to your passions and values.

Regular price: 1'000 EUR

Price for students: 800 EUR

To get this package please click here and send me a message to request one introductory session of about 15 minutes for free.

Master your peformance
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Find the right career path

'Seven Steps for Wellbeing and Joy in Your Life: A Must-Have Guide for Musicians and Other Professional Artists' is now available on Amazon!


In "7 Steps for Wellbeing and Joy in your life," I present a comprehensive guide tailored to musicians and other professional artists, addressing the pressures, vulnerabilities, physical well-being, career paths, creativity, social connections, and living authentically in the artistic world.
Through personal anecdotes, research-backed evidence, and practical exercises, readers will gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate the challenges unique to their artistic journeys.
By emphasizing the significance of self-care, joy, and overall well-being, I offer readers the tools they need to cultivate a happier, more fulfilling life in the pursuit of their artistic passions.

Cover Art 7 steps working kindle.jpg

What others say about my book:

„Seven Steps for Wellbeing and Joy in Your Life“ is an exceptional guide that emphasizes the crucial need for self-care and overall well-being in the lives of musicians and professional artists. Drawing from personal experience and extensive knowledge, Lidia Marina highlights the importance of joy
and provides practical suggestions for positive change. This invaluable resource will inspire and empower readers to embark on a journey towards a more vibrant and fulfilling life, fostering a
harmonious and flourishing artistic path.

Justyna Ponulak, Music Performance Expert, Musician, and Founder of the Grow in Flow Performance
Program, San Diego, USA

This is an insightful resource that offers an honest perspective for many musicians and artists.
Lidia’s practical advice and personal anecdotes provide readers with a deeper understanding of the challenges and pressures that artists face. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to cultivate self-confidence, practise self-compassion, and find more joy in their lives while gaining a better understanding of themselves and their craft.

Jacob Barns, Music Performance Psychologist and Research Associate at Verve, Manchester, UK

Wonderful book! Never before has an author dedicated a complete guide to regain the joy of making music as a professional. It is common to feel that the music industry is ‚ungrateful‘ and that our art has no value but it is not true, it is of immense value to society and Lidia guides us step by step to reconnect with that spark that was the fundamental inspiration for our decision to pursue music as a profession. Thank you Lidia for giving us back our joy!
Natalia Villanueva García, Feel Good Coach and Founder and Managing Director of the Max Steiner Orchestra, Vienna, Austria

“Lidia Marina Sperling's recently published guide Seven Steps For Wellbeing And Joy In Your Life is a must-read for every professional artist representing an illuminating journey to a fulfilling career-life harmony. Thanks to the author‘s multifaceted approach, this manual gradually familiarizes professional
artists with the creation of an individual identity and the development of an inspiring, charismatic personality that is ready to fascinate the audience.”

Dr. Barbara Mayer, Musicologist, Pianist and Composer at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria

'Coaching for Musicians' is now available on Amazon!


This innovative, inspiring, and practical book—the first of its kind for musicians—will change your life forever. Coaching for Musicians is the essential guide for all musicians and performing artists who are ready for a new perspective in their performance, career, and life and who long to reach their fullest potential. You’ll learn to take a new approach for your most important performance moments: concerts, exams, competitions, and orchestra auditions. You’ll discover the best solutions to get over creative blocks and how to find and pursue your dream career.

front cover book coaching for musicians.jpg

What others say about my book:

"A must-read for all aspiring and professional musicians who seek to enrich their overall well-being in a variety of contexts. An engaging read, this book is an invaluable contribution to the music world. It was time somebody wrote it!"
Dr. Suzanna Hlinka, Pianist and former Academic Lecturer at Australian Institute of Music, Sydney, Australia.

"This book is an absolute must, for anyone who is on stage professionally. It's the first practical Coaching guide for musicians and it refers to the most important aspects regarding the performance, career and life of musicians and I can only recommend reading and studying this book!"
Walter Hilgers, Conductor and Professor of Wind Chamber Music at the Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar, Germany.

"Coaching for Musicians is one of those invaluable books musicians should have on their bookshelves, beginners and professionals alike. It is not only the wealth of knowledge and personal experience Lidia has packed into this book, but it is especially the practical advice, which opens up unexpected possibilities of self-assessment. You will often resort to this precious addition to the literature, it is a must-have!"
Gottfried Rabl, Pianist and Conductor, Vienna, Austria.

"A practical guide of great value, useful and necessary for understanding the complex process of musicians’ training. It is an in-depth study of all aspects of performance and interpretation."
Adelina Oprean, Violinist and Professor of Violin at Academy of Music in Basel, Switzerland.

My book
More about me

About Me

Portrait photo Lidia Marina Sperling while playing the flute

Lidia Marina Sperling is a professional flute player and a Performance, Career and Life Coach for musicians.

In 2012, she began to coach musicians and she continued in this direction until, in 2018, she became a Certified Creativity Coach through the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA), headquartered in the United States of America. The rich experience Lidia has accumulated through the years, first as an interpreter and a teacher, and then as a coach for musicians, has helped her expand her vision. By combining two specializations—professional flutist and Creativity Coach—Lidia is bringing something new to this field; in 2017, she founded Coaching for Musicians and in 2019 she published her first book 'Coaching for Musicians'. Musicians of all ages can benefit from the support and encouragement of an experienced coach to succeed in reaching their fullest potential in performance and career and to find more joy and wellbeing in their life.


At present, Lidia is based in Switzerland, where she works as a freelancer and as a coach for musicians.


Lidia gave me some very clear and practical advices based on the own insights of an expert coach that synthesized some distinct but surprisingly connected areas to bring out the best performance mindset from an active artist. I absolutely recommend it.

Marius Copel, Electrons in Slow Motion

I am a musician and pedagogue with a psychology masters degree. I consider myself as someone who is successful in the music field. I wanted to enrich my professional career and expand in new ways but struggled with the idea of how I could connect the two fields and benefiting from my existing achievements.
Lidia in a very skillful manner helped me see the direction and range of possibilities I could pursue using both my existing achievements and knowledge. She helped me see how these two field could connect and benefit of each other. I felt motivated and inspired after talking with her. Lidia helped me clear my vision and direction. Sometimes we just need this extra input from someone who had already done it! I am strongly recommending Lidia and her services as a professional coach. She is a wholehearted person who has the ability to connect with people, listen and understand individuals’ unique needs.

Zhivka P.- Pianist, Piano accompanist, senior piano faculty, Qatar Music Academy, Doha

One day before audition I wrote Lidia and asked her for a coaching session for me and she kindly agreed to help me with advices. I was also reading some chapters from her book "Coaching for Musicians" again and again before the audition started. Thanks to Lidia, I could feel myself peaceful and confident on stage and I gave my best result! She gave me very important tips and strategies, which helped me in a very short time! My goals for this audition were accomplished and now I know better how to play my best in different situations.

Kateryna A.- Student at University of Music Lugano, Switzerland

I had the pleasure to work with Lidia a few sessions right before some of my auditions. She is not only a professional, preparing material for every session, coming on time, having a plan, being flexible if needed but she is also a very supportive good friend, kind and understanding, going beyond the session itself. This experience was new for me but I totally benefited from it because it opened new horizons on how to approach my career and also I had a friend by my side. It also helped me win a Principal Second Violin position in one of the most prestigious orchestras in Michigan - Lansing Symphony Orchestra. Thank you Lidia! You are awesome!

Florina C., Substitute Violin at Michigan Opera Theatre, USA

I have worked with Lidia and I can tell you that she made an impact in my life. Sometimes you just need help to arrange your thoughts and shape a plan for your life as a musician. No matter what is it, we all go through difficult times at some point. I really recommend Lidia, she is a great coach that will put your needs above everything!

Miriam T., student at Birmingham Conservatoire, England

 Before every single solo concert or audition my mind was getting quite confused and I didn't know how my own body and mind will react when "that day" comes. Finally I decided to change this insecure feeling and that's why I am very happy that I met Lidia. She helped me find stability and confidence in myself on stage. She uses a very professional path to find out the reason for being insecure on stage and she uses a very smart strategy to get you over this unsure feeling which usually occurs before and during the performance. She works in a very friendly atmosphere and she respects a lot the idea or needs of  the musician, which made me feel very relaxed while talking  to her about my thoughts or doubts. I yould like to thank you Lidia again, for helping me on this way to gain confidence and  I am very thankful that I could finally play "like myself, like at home" on stage.

Melda U., double bass player, Zürich, Switzerland

Working with Lidia I became more conscious about my reactions in stress situations. I understood why they appear and I received a set of tools which helped me to control my thoughts and emotions better. So I managed to feel more confident on stage and play at my best concentrating on the things that really matter.

Andrei A., Student at Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Switzerland

"I started with coaching sessions before my piano exam, and it was a great oportunity because I knew I had issues with practice and finding my motivation. Coaching helped me understand myself better, organize my time and my practice schedule, and I realized that I am capable of more than I thought. It was very useful to work with Lidia and now I know how to prepare myself when I have another concert, exam or even a application for a job. I would 100% recommend her to every musician, because you can learn a lot of interesting and useful things for your career."

Antonia V., Student at Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Working with Lidia has made a significant change in the way that I evaluate myself and my professional activity. I re-experienced the professional growth essence: “Ready, Fire, Aim”, like Michael Masterson underlines in his book. Lidia has the gift to see the potential in everyone and she doesn’t give up until that potential is 100% explored and valued. Thank you, Lidia, for seeing in me what I AM!"

Ioana T., Account Manager at Avaelgo, Romania

"On 27 February 2012, my students from the Guitar Class participated in a workshop facilitated by Lidia, the Principal Flutist of Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra. She gave the students some information and exercises to improve their musical performance especially on stage and in concerts. After the workshop, I saw real progresses in my students' performances in competitions and recitals."

Laura M., guitar teacher at Art High School in Sibiu, Romania

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