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What Motivates You?

Take the time you need to look into what you like and what really motivates you as a musician. Which activities bring you joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment? Perhaps you have been thinking of something for a long time, but you haven’t had the opportunity to experiment with it yet. I’m not saying to stop doing what you are doing right now; I only suggest you do what you enjoy more often. Use your imagination and creativity, and note them below:

Which activities bring you joy and fulfillment?

Examples: Playing concerts: soloist, chamber music, orchestra, modern music, music for film, ambient music, jazz, teaching, composing, conducting, organizing events and taking part in them.



Once you discover which activities bring you joy and fulfillment, try to practice them as often as possible. Enjoy your unique qualities and create your own way. Dare to be yourself not only on stage, but also in the way you choose to live your life. Let yourself be guided by what you like to do and by what truly motivates you.

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