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A different way to practice

13 years ago I was confronted with a situation that maybe you've also encountered or you are dealing with, right now.

Because of exhaustion, I was obliged to reduce my practicing hours in some years, from 4 h/day to 2h/day. For the next years I've designed a method which worked for me and helped me not only to keep my level high, but also to obtain the same results, or even better. Later, I found that this method has a name - deliberate practice.

The mental preparation has helped me. I've done in 2h more than in 4h, because I was more concentrated and focused during the practice hours.

I didn't allow myself to repeat a passage 15-20 times, just 4-5 times, with the expectation to be resolved in less time.

I started with the places which needed more attention from my side.

I had no option, it was the only way I saw that time to keep a high level and to obtain very good results when playing concerts or into the orchestra. I've learned that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to practice and if you want to obtain very good results, there is not only one way.

Yes, there were moments of frustration, because I couldn't practice as much as I would like to, but looking back I think that I've done what was right for me.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, don't feel guilty, find a way that works for you and keep going!❤️💛💜💚

If you want more information about deliberate practice, you can find it in my book '' Coaching for Musicians ", which is available on all Amazon sites. 🎼❤️📖

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