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How to approach failure

Failure, as well as success, is part of our lives as musicians and as artists. Even if it is unpleasant, failure helps us learn what we need to continue on our way or make neccessary changes.

In the last period of my life I've learned that the most powerful tool we all have when we fail is to choose how we want to continue our journey and here are some examples:

Feeling sad, dissapointed or motivated and confident that something good will happen. It's absolutely normal to feel sad and dissapointed when we fail. The question is for how long? One day, two days, one month or maybe for years? It’s your choice to decide how long it should take you to recover.

Being stuck or ready to see more oportunities. Feeling stuck and without perspective for the future in such a moment is normal and justified. You have the choice to stay open and ready to see different opportunities and that’s very useful, too, when you want to overcome failure.

Feeling scared or courageus to try again, or maybe try something new. Failure generates fear, which paralises you. Finding the courage to try again or try something new is vital to get easier over failure.

Now, take a moment and think about this question:

How do I want to continue my journey?


If the answer it seems difficult, you can contact me here. Together we'll find the best answer for you.

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